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DOCO'S Story


 Why we love what we do


DOCO Inc. Sheltered Workshop is committed to providing dignified and meaningful employment to the handicapped and disabled workers of Ava and Douglas County in a safe, supportive, and productive environment allowing them to reach their own full potential.

At DOCO, we have a motto - Lead with Kindness.  We believe that we all have a right to our feelings but must lead with kindness in all we do.  Whether that feeling be anger, sadness, or excitement, we try to lead with kindness in our actions.

Founded in 1974, DOCO prides itself on being the largest employer of adults with varying developmental disabilities in our four county area.  Along with the new Lead with Kindness t-shirt department, DOCO also employs disabled in five other departments - factory tray wash/stacking, commercial cleaning and laundry, beverage destruction, Easter Egg snapping, and pallet manufacturing.

To find out more about about DOCO's services, click the button below to visit our website!

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